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Our compliance helps to protect you – Every Time.
Whether you sell the loan or we do

Loan Brain automatically produces compliance documents throughout the sales process.
These are free for brokers to use or we will use them if selling the loan on your behalf.

Whole market loan comparison tools

We don't just settle for comparing the market based on repayment - we can compare or recommend loans based on:
  • Lowest estimated cost of loan if settled early - includes fees, estimated ERC's and repayments made up to
  • Lender which typically offers the fastest & easiest payout and best ability to overcome problems
  • Lowest estimated redemption figure
  • Lowest monthly repayment
  • Lowest estimated cost over full term including interest / fees / repayments
  • Lowest gross loan – Amount of credit at day one including fees
  • APR

The lender panel represents whole market

A larger panel than any other Secured Loan Sourcing platform.

Term guide

Indicates if a cheaper rate is available over a different term due to affordability, age etc.

Loan amount guide

Indicates if a cheaper rate is available over a different term – potentially borrow more but repay less.

Referral and subject to rules

Indicate where a loan may be accepted as a result of a small change in the application or a referral to a lender outside criteria. For example, the client has been working for 4 months and the lender requires 6 months – prompts a discussion to hold back the application or refer.

Advanced filters

Near misses
Interest only / fixed rate options

Advanced underwriting

A better product is often available by disregarding the income of one borrower. For example if they are in a probation period, self employed. All with 1 click.

Record of research and quotations - see an example

System driven bespoke suitability letters
Record of why a Secured Loan was offered rather than a Remortgage or Further Advance
Record of why a particular loan product was offered
Record of the application data, chosen product, product features, filters applied
Record of other loans available but not chosen
Record of loans not available and reasons why

Compliance prompts

Remind brokers of important disclosures – borrowing into retirement, consolidating unsecured credit, affordability etc.

Fully advised sales

All sales of regulated loans undertaken by Promise are on a full advice and recommendation basis.